Fusion Deployment

Fusion Deployment Software

Fusion allows credit originators, peer to peer lenders, portfolio servicers, debt buyers and 3rd party collection agencies the ability to utilize a transparent, open-ended technology that can co-exist or replace existing collection platforms.

Fusion was created to specifically join collection software, customer telephone equipment and auto-dialer platforms into a unified operational presence that coordinates inventories, monitors collector actions and controls all phases of the collection and collector training process.

The Fusion environment makes use of a transactional database that saves all data relevant to the collections process, allowing intelligent modeling to be employed based on collector actions and back end processing results. Fusion offers complete data mining capabilities in OLAP and provides a full suite of web-based reports, a complete compliance recording application and a robust help screen system for continual agent/collector training. Fusion’s architecture utilizes a flexible, skip-tracing phase platform that regularly populates new numbers using automated scripting to data vendors and manual agent efforts.

The Fusion architecture allows a central management location to easily deploy work to one or multiple centers, so that delinquent account inventories can be perpetually worked by all agents throughout an organization. All agent actions are recorded to track agent's performance. An organization’s account inventory can be segmented to allow separate work strategies and lower level reporting. The system runs without agent account ownership, allowing for greater hours of facilitation and account penetration. In addition, the design of Fusion allows each data field, including placement information, agent-created information, telecommunication transactions, and skip-tracing information to act as drivers of performance analysis, auditing and work strategy.

The Fusion system represents a collection paradigm that coordinates and manages inventories across one or multiple locations. Fusion allows organizations to dial more numbers, drive more right party connects and allows management to teach process through interactive training. Fusion allows management to take direct responsibility for roll-rate and write-off performance for large diverse portfolios, where benefits can be easily recognized at the agent, team, departmental or organizational level.

Fusion’s Open Source Asterisk based communication platform includes all components required to run a professional call center environment. It can be used with or without Fusion deployment. The platform includes softphone technologies that allows for a seamless, error free, outbound dialing.

The suite of services also includes full auto-dialer access, ACD inbound call routing, call back systems as well as a multitude of possible dialer campaign strategies.

Combining these resources into Fusion allows agents to average more calls per hour ultimately resulting in more customer contacts. This significant difference in calling power supports higher account per collector ratios helping collectors generate greater dollars per desk adhering to all calling restrictions associated with FDCPA, TCPA and the many state laws impacting out-bound calling efforts that override FDCPA guidelines.

Fusion Deployment Logistics – Replication vs. Conversion

For a replicated solution Tritium retrieves daily account inventories from a client’s host system. Fusion is not the system of record but a replicated collection environment sent from Fusion back to the client's system of record daily insuring both systems are aligned. The client's host is to handle all new work and accounting applications. Fusion will be the desktop solution for the collection team. The entire deployment effort is typically completed within 30 days.

A full conversion is a labor intensive option that begins with the statement of work. Tritium manages all dialer applications during hours of facilitation and specifically schedules and coordinates any audit and special account segmentations.

Fusion agent training takes no more than 2 days. Fusion training can be completed via an internet based training regimen consisting of a web based presentation and interactive tests. The training curriculum can be customized to meet specific client needs.

Using Fusion, client’s management will have access to a wide range of reports, pre-determined work strategies and proven collection business best practices currently in use by Tritium.

Clients can request additional reporting and changes are as stated to work strategies to fit their needs. All client inventories can be deployed through Fusion to their entire client’s operating environment with the additional requirements being added for server equipment and increased internet access.

Fusion Deployment Benefits

The immediate and inherent benefits from utilization of Fusion include the savings associated with purchasing, and maintaining operational equipment (i.e. dialer, phone switch, recording technologies, servers, etc.). However, the true savings begin at the agent level in the form of greater productivity at the account level and the positive impact that Fusion workflow designs have on delinquency. Using Fusion allows agents to work more accounts, in shorter periods of facilitation time, while concurrently impacting more balances within each associated billing cycle. This performance gain allows agents/collectors to participate on a larger financial scale than that provided by traditional collection technology.

Fusion’s architecture also enables management to lower operating cost by studying performance statistics. This enables future operational decisions to be based on factual, quantitative evidence directly associated with collection performance, including skip leads at the call, and agent level.

Fusion deployment saves process cost by providing a better understanding of how telecommunications impacts the collection effort. Fusion’s call reporting includes advanced phone switch performance analysis, designed to help management understand call strategies and the associated cost and impact of dialing phone numbers.

Tritium deploys soft phone technologies that integrates with Fusion and allows agents to call without requirement for a conventional telephone at each work station. Direct integration between Fusion and the soft phone eliminates agent dialing errors since calls are initiated by Fusion.

Combining all aspects of collections, dialer efforts, skip-tracing, communications and data mining into a single environment, namely Fusion, permits a comprehensive, compliant collection process that is unparalleled in the industry.


The broad range of substantive advantages afforded by Fusion permit the client to:

  • Gain significant improvements over historical roll-rate and write-off performance.
  • Lower Collection Costs.
  • Increase agent/collector production.
  • Obtain greater analytical insight into risk dynamics and the causes, and effects, of delinquency.
  • Take the actions necessary, based on rigorous quantitative analytics, to reduce delinquency and assure fiscal responsibility to comply with budgets and corporate profitability goals.
  • Improve compliance controls using real time analysis, GAP Reporting and Regression Analysis
  • Create repository of documents associated with each client's workflow
  • All calls are published them by call result, date, agent, collector and workflow
  • Access client’s web based reports and audits.
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