Fusion Business Intelligence

Fusion Human Resource Interface

Creating direction for managing receivables typically passed down from management is often lacking in specifics, and subject to misinterpretation with less than desired results.

This call to action takes place throughout the month. Fusion was specifically created to help management provide instructions to collectors via the detailed information available for each agent and project. The Fusion Human Resource Interface is a teaching guide for improving agent performance. This interface provides assorted points of reference based on actual work effort to help agents clearly understand the directives they must follow.

Fusion Workflow Builder

Portfolio improvements start at the agents ability to understand work intensity and provide a phone presence conducive to results. Management’s ability to strategize and segment portfolios correctly hold the key to success. This is accomplished via the Fusion workflow builder where various elements of account status can be utilized to create workflows aimed at increasing production. These elements can include balance, age, confirmation history, promise type, phone number status, call results, time zones, and account attributes. Examples can include confirmed accounts without a promise, promises without checks and high balance accounts as well as over 300 iterations of combined work categories.

Working in conjunction with each other these represent two of Tritium’s best practices that have been hard coded to provide real operational tools management, improving the entire collection effort from the inventory worked to the quality of the presentation used over the phone.