Compliance gateway

Ramifications Of Working In The Collection Industry

Working in the collection industry has taken on significantly more risk than ever before. In addition to the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA), Telephone Communications Privacy Act (TCPA) and the 25 state laws impacting 20 states above and beyond the FDCPA, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau provides consumers a method of communication with the federal government that never existed before.

Non-Compliance Can Face Stiff Penalties
Lenders, Debt Buyers and Agencies who are not in compliance face stiff penalties, prosecution and jail if violations are deemed to be repetitive. The idea that any agent who violates these regulations is a formidable problem for all ARM executives.

Fusion Platform Fail-safe Design
The Fusion platform was specifically designed to safeguard an operation from violations. These violations include all regulations and sections in the FDCPA, TCPA and all state law over-rides.

Fusion Makes Sure State Law Exceptions Are Enforced Correctly
Fusion Regression Reporting ensures accounts are not over dialed and state law exceptions are enforced correctly. In addition, the Fusion Recording Platform provides management with access to the most sensitive element of the collection process in the form of the exact customer contact.

Fusion System is supported by the Tritium Compliance Handbook
The Fusion System is supported by the Tritium Compliance Handbook, a concise roadmap of events and required evidence for running a compliant entity.