About Us


Mitch Levin, CEO - C level executive, with 30+ years of experience in the credit and collection industry with a proven record of building a multi-million dollars technology and credit and collection business that processed over 6 million customer records with a face value of over 16 billion dollars.
Built and ran large call center environments while working on pre and post charge off collection projects. Subject matter expert in consumer debt, servicing, and varied account receivable projects with specific emphasis on industry compliance. Taught and consulted clients including, GE Capital, Dell Financial Systems, Barclaycard U.S. and Bank of America on designing best practices and enforcing business policies and PCI regulations for consumer and commercial loan originators.

Dr. Edward Currie, Ph.D. - Dr. Currie represents the professional experience that has guided the Fusion project since 1999. With vast experience in system architecture and software design Dr. Currie has provided instruction on all aspects of the software relational database structures in Fusion as well as all network and security design applications. This includes developing complex and state-of-the art financial planning and modeling systems for the financial services industry using XM, Visual Basic and C++. Designed and developed a complete interactive training and grading system for the collections industry.

Joseph Famiglietti, CISM / CIO - Tritium Research. With over 15 years working in the Information Technology and Information Security fields, he has overseen the development of Fusion collections, implemented all security policies and procedures and is responsible for all infrastructure supporting Tritium Research.

Pete Shoemaker, Software Engineer - His areas of programming expertise include database driven applications, component-based software, computer telephony integration, networked applications, and web-based systems. Peter primarily develops on Microsoft Windows based platforms, with a specialty in developing Microsoft .NET based applications. He also has strong experience developing software on various flavors of Linux. Beyond his programming experience, Peter also brings to the company a lot of experience in the areas of system administration, network administration, information security, and telephony. Peter has helped design, build, and maintain Tritium’s network, server, and telephony infrastructure. He has an extreme familiarity with Avaya based telephone and auto dialer systems, Cisco based networking equipment, electronic mail systems, web server administration, managing Windows Server platforms, and administering various Linux/Unix platforms. Peter also holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Computer Science and Mathematics, in addition to a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

Sonal Pathak, Lead Developer - Sonal Pathak has been a core member of the development team since 2001, being instrumental in completing the Fusion project. With his well-rounded experience in relational database systems, data warehousing, business intelligence and object oriented programming, Sonal has helped in designing, maintaining and supporting the vital aspects of the entire Fusion suite of applications.

Holly Clinton, CFO - of Tritium Research Inc., with more than thirty years of experience in the Financial Services industry. As CFO, she oversees all administrative, HR and financial operations. Her responsibilities include assuring full compliance with licensing requirements for all applicable local, state and federal statues/regulations in the United States. She is responsible for negotiating and managing all third party contractual relations. Ms. Clinton also manages all outside legal counsel and auditor relationships. During her career she has managed staffs as large as 200+ with multiple locations.

Chris Lucas, V.P. Operations - For the past 20 years Chris has lead Tritium’s collection and marketing applications. With more than 25 years of experience in the Financial Services industry Chris has been responsible for the oversight of large call center applications launching a many as 5 million calls monthly for Fortune 500 companies across a wide array of consumer and commercial receivable types. In addition Chris has designed and maintained large auto dialer facility responsibilities with experience in AVAYA, UNIX and all Fusion interfaces. Chris hold a Bachelor Degree in Business and Criminal Justice from St. Johns University.

Gary Scheinhaus, Network Administrator - He has been an integral member of our company since 2010. He started out as Desktop Support while he continued to further his education studying Computer Science at the University of Buffalo. During this educational process he made the pragmatic decision to specialize his degree by achieving a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Buffalo College. As a core member of the Tritium team, he is involved with the design, deployment, and maintenance of all future and existing projects.

Hank Levin, V.P. of Marketing - B.S English Literature Degree Western New England College. He is responsible for all marketing and client support applications at Tritium. Hank possess an in depth knowledge of the Fusion platform and provides client insights to all Fusion and Tritium’s technology offerings and feature sets. Hank also participate in new client process mapping and development oversight. Ina addition to Tritium Hank has played NCAA and professional hockey and continues to support local hockey enthusiasts in the New York metropolitan area.

Russel Levin, V.P., Training and Compliance Technologies - B.S Environmental Sciences Indiana University. Russel has a 3 year history at Tritium and is directly in charge of the development of all training technologies and system updates. This includes in depth knowledge of Fusion and all components effecting internal and external Fusion users. In addition to standard training applications Russel is also responsible for system wide compliance initiatives including State and Federal regulations effecting the Credit and Collection Industry. Russel also is a certified snowboard instructor and youth football coach in Lake Tahoe Nevada.

Stephen Santise - is an integral part of the ever growing Tritium team. He’s a recent graduate from Union College, achieving a B.S. in Computer Science along with vast campus involvement and volunteer work. After graduation he started his own company doing freelance web design, while maintaining a full time position as a Disaster Relief Specialist for Hurricane Sandy victims. He now utilizes his educational experience in writing multi-lingual and parallelized programs in the design, development, and maintenance of Tritium Software. He is also a strategic component of our network infrastructure team.

Herbert Siegel Ph.D. – Dr. Siegel is in charge of all company communications and development projects with specific emphasis on industry research, company updates, voice of the customer oversight and is the editor of Tritium’s corporate News.

David Baram, Esq. - David has been the Tritium in house counsel for the past 30 years. David possess in depth knowledge of the credit and collections industry and insures all process and protocols effecting our industry are properly enforced. In addition his office supports all documentation including Memorandum of Understandings, Statements of Work and Contact oversight.