Fusion Command Center

Command Center

Creditors and ARM companies managing more than one location are faced with multiple operational concerns, adhering to the compliance, and security standards facing the industry as a whole. This business requirement of process control has taken on new meaning in the face of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus far reaching ability to offer a public venue for perceived violations.

Launch Into Multiple Locations from One Centralized Location
Our collections management software can be launched into multiple areas from one centralized location. Originators provide a software solution that guarantees that controls asked for in FDCPA, TCPA and the 25 state laws affecting 20 distinct states are adhered to.

Streamline All Components of a Collection Call Center
Utilizing regression analysis within the collection matrix, management can now operate a command center that encompasses all components of a collection call center. Our debt collection software helps streamline this process in a cost-efficient manner while controlling every aspect of the collection and customer contact dynamic.