Key Fusion Components

Tritium Key Fusion Components

Fusion’s collection of software components handles various aspects of the debt collections process. The key components of Fusion include:

  • Collections Database
  • Fusion Server
  • Collections User Interface
  • Accounting User Interface
  • User Management Interface
  • Reporting Interface
  • Scripts

Fully Encrypted Using SQL Server Transparent Database Encryption (TDE)
The Collections Database runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The database houses all of the account information for the debt that is to be collected on by Fusion. This database is fully encrypted using SQL Server Transparent Database Encryption (TDE).

Server Detail
The Fusion Server is a middle-tier server that all of the Fusion clients connect to. The server is implemented using Microsoft .Net version 3.5, using the C# language. All of the clients run on Windows based operating systems and are written using Microsoft .Net 3.5 using C#. They all connect to the server using Windows Communication Foundation, a communication feature introduced in .Net version 3.0. The connection between the Fusion Server and all Fusion clients is fully encrypted using the mechanisms built into Windows Communication Foundation.

Telephone System Integration
The Collections User Interface is the primary User Interface to Fusion. This allows agents to work all of the accounts in the database. The Collections User Interface has tight integration with both the telephone system, and predictive dialing system. Integration with the telephone system allows agents to dialer numbers directly from the Fusion screen, without using their phone directly. This greatly improves the speed at which an agent can dial numbers, and eliminates the possibility of the agent incorrectly dialing a number. Integration with the dialer pops up accounts directly on Fusion as soon as the dialer makes a contact. All dialer activities are handled directly through Fusion without any additional software needed by the agent.

The Accounting User Interface
The Accounting user interface manages all of the accounting features associated with Fusion such as check printing, payment posting, and invoicing. Special privileges are required to access the accounting portion of Fusion.

The User Management Interface
The User Management Interface is the administrator to access the Fusion system. Special permission is required to be able to access the user management portion of Fusion.

The Fusion Reporting Interface
The Fusion Reporting Interface provides a variety of reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Real-time reports run on the same database as the rest of Fusion. Fusion also has a warehouse database. This allows the creation of OLAP based reports, created using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. These OLAP reports allow for more detailed reporting of historical data.