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October 2016 - TRITIUM RESEARCH, the home of FUSION, today launched TRITIUM CYBER SECURITY to provide clients with patented encryption technology for advanced security and FRAUD PREVENTION. Mitch Levin said, “ACS Out-of-Band Multi Factor Authentication and EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption technologies at the lowest kernel level stops threats before they begin.” Over half a billion identities and personal records were compromised during the first half of 2016, and Keyloggers are responsible for the largest breaches in history, according to IBM.

June 2016 - Tritium expands its Wantagh, NY location to include a state-of-the-art IT center. We are pleased to announce that our new expanded facilities will meet existing and foreseeable demands of our clients for deploying and integrating FUSION with host software platforms, and other specialized needs.

April 2016 - Tritium launches Voice of the Customer ID (VOC) to interface with FUSION technology, for application with Customer Service Clients (CSC), to ensure customer requests, concerns, and dispositions are always managed effectively.

January 2016 - Tritium builds a proprietary Inbound Call Survey Platform (ICSP) to record and analyze 30 separate categories to support the disposition of each inbound phone call. Each call is tracked for its reason of origination (ROI) to provide our clients with improved customer experience and insight into problematic systemic causes.

December 2015 - Tritium announces the opening of a redundancy call center at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV to ensure recovery of all data in the event of a disaster, and to provide our clients with complete services for West Coast customers.

August 2015 – Bolstered by a $2+ million additional investment, Tritium provided FUSION, an early out debt collection, customer service and analytics system to leading P2P lenders as Prosper, Credit Shop, and Lending Key. Fully compliant and secure, the value of FUSION has been agency evaluated for loan originators and securitization rating purposes. Tritium Research also earned its place this year as a leading compliance gateway for all business transactions by developing proprietary software crucial to 21st Century lending processes.

January - March 2015 – Tritium completes its diversification plan as a Hi Tech collection utility and BPO for Peer-to-Peer lenders and other 21st Century credit organizations.

Nov 2014 – Tritium Collection Policy Handbook - Comprehensive overview of 50 collection support policies with specific emphasis placed on CFPB audit requirements. Features over 100 supporting documents and applications providing live evidence of process and policy enforcement.

April 2014 – Fusion Voice Recognition and Speech to text Technologies - Voice recognition beta platform for fraud prevention and loan execution. Open Source testing environment.

Nov 2013 – Fusion Asterisk Phone Technologies - Deployment of Free PBX technologies built to coincide with Fusion vs. utilization of AVAYA switch, dialer and ACD technologies.

Feb 2011 Fusion Training Technologies - First release of new teaching and testing platform for new hires. System includes 160 PowerPoint screen shots and is supported by 250 interactive questions aimed at teaching Tritium and industry best practices. Platform includes complete teacher center tracing new hire scores in real time setting allowing for greater pass rates and employee retention.

May 2010 TCPA and State Law Regression Analysis - System to capture and study work results and compare them to pre assigned defaults that report findings relating to TCPA and the 25 State Laws that impact 20 states and over-ride the FDCPA. This analysis is reported daily and published via the Tritium Fusion Reporting Site.

March 2008 - Fusion 2.0 - Second generation of Fusion created in Microsoft.NET. This fully encrypted solution includes a wide array of features including ability to communicate with 3rd party host systems in live setting, electronic Help systems to ensure paperless work setting and management interfaces for workflow build outs with specific emphasis on compliance and state law regulations above and beyond FDCPA.

August 2007 - Soft Phone Interface - The deployment of soft phone technologies which expands call intensity while locking down call access vs. hard phone technology. This includes supporting FDCPA, TCPA as well as capturing call performance for reporting. Dialer interface to include one point of entry for agents resulting in greater call intensity.

June 2007 - Fusion Global ACH Solutions - Build out of ACH platform that captured 30,000 payment transactions monthly for Fortune 500 Company. System was used on global scale and provided web based gateway, authenticated all data across 3 operating platforms and then executed all transactions with creditor’s bank within all NACHA rule sets.

April 2006 - Fusion Workflow Builder - Ability to segregate any component or identifier of a delinquent account and build specific work flows to help improve collector performance. This can include account balance, age, pay history, phone number call result, phone number type business attribute, time zone and score.

May 2005 - Fusion Transactional Recording Platform - Creation of a recording platform to capture call by distinct call result. Includes all inbound, outbound and dialer applications. Recordings published via secure web site for client access.

Feb 2001 - Human Resource Collection Platform Technology - Tool to assist management with teaching best practices and enforcing business policies for collection departments.

Feb 1998 - Fusion 1.0 - Creation of collection platform written in Visual Basic to include phone technologies, dialer technologies and ability to track all points of information including placed, financial, collector derived, skip tracing source, call results and time. System was designed to communicate with 3rd party operating platforms.

Sept 1995 - Fusion Beta - American Financial Consultants (AFC) UNIX Deployment of Fusion Best Practices. Live fire setting over 3 year period, 250,000 accounts 3.6B in pre-charge off skip receivable for GE Capital.