Technology Insight and Portfolio Performance

Increased Portfolio Performance

Increasing collections requires more than changing a phone script or hiring new collectors.

Tritium technology is the engine for recovering more $$ than standard systems. Fusion was initially tested in UNIX (1994-1997), then written in Visual Basic (1998-1999) and then re-written in Microsoft .Net (2011).

Fusion architecture (described below) manages a portfolio of accounts better, and significantly reduces delinquency quicker.

Portfolio Loyalty
Fusion construction promotes a new standard of loyalty to a portfolio of accounts from a collector’s interpretation of policies and practices.

Static vs. Kinetic Account Management
Without agent ownership rights, inventory is electronically formatted to agents skiptracing resulting for improved results faster.

Fusion & Phone Integration
Fusions VoIP software features softphone technologies to join phone functions into a desktop application.

Decreased Operational Risks
The system also coordinates all compliance considerations for FDCPA, TCPA and the 25 state laws that override federal mandates lowering operational risk.

Faster Call Attempts
Combining Fusion’s Asterisk, Open Source, Communication platform, and softphone technology, and integrated collection applications, results in greater accuracy when dialing, more calls per hour with or without using of autodialer technology.

Increased Connect Rates & Lower Hold Times
Larger than average trunk ratios per collector drive higher right party connect rates. The system also lowered hold time, an important factor for 3rd party dialer companies and other dialer applications.

Publishing Calls by Specific Call Result
Linking communication applications to Fusion builds a transactional call record that lists every call made in Fusion by specific call result.

Tracking Multiple Components of Account Information
The architecture for Fusion becomes an integral part of decision making. Fusion can track multiple components of account information.

Meaningful Reports Unique to Industry
Data and tracking functions also allow information to be merged into meaningful reports that are unique to the entire industry for Skip Source Contribution to Payment.

Real-Time, Unique Reporting
The Fusion Reporting Site publishes a series of realt time operating reports by the next day.

Work Flow Strategies
Fusion reports chart work-flows and results, both essential elements for efficient and productive operations.

Compliance Transparency
Fusions report and recording gateways can be replayed by client, date, collector or individual telephone call and results. Tritium’s unique Recording Gateway where each distinct call launched in Fusion is made available as a desktop player by client, date, user and a specific call result i.e.: telephone residence = action talk off= result.

Increased Business Accuracy
A typical collection environment is often inundated with paper, notes, callbacks, talk-offs, and correspondence that often contains personal customer data that is difficult to secure. The Fusion Help Directory solves this problem with a client library housed within each training guide, talk offs and correspondence, to help agents by providing directives and operational guidelines. Fusion provides the ability to interact with 3rd party systems expediting a secure process and increasing business accuracy.

Improved Organization of State Regulations
An example of the Help Function is the ability to contend with 25 state regulations that override FDCPA in 20 states. These rules are published in the Help system, coded into Fusion, and residing in the technology to drive specific rules. For every account impacted a box on the primary screen notifies the agent which rules are affected and what action is needed.

Improved Security Audit Process
The Fusion Help system begins to build a paperless work environment that can assist in security audits, and help management create a library of information easily accessible to clients and staff.